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First of its kind technology. REAL professional actors in your videos. Synthetic human voice text-to-speech (English Only), plus fully-integrated google text to speech (40 languages + 74 voices). Revolutionary lip-synching technology. Stunning life-like facial movements. Cloud based (no installation required). Extremely easy to use (no learning curve). Background and audio bank included with a simple editing interface. Tap into the HUGE spokesperson market.Commercial license available.

 Choose Your Human + Voice

 Type What You Want Them To Say

  Render Your “Humatar”

 Human Synthesys Studio – All 4 OTOs

Front End (Main Offer):

=>> Front End (Main Offer)

OTO 1 (Human Synthesys Studio Pro):

=>> OTO 1

OTO 2 (Human Synthesys Studio Enterprise):

=>> OTO 2 

OTO 3 (AudioSuite):

=>> OTO 3 

OTO 4 (Agency Unlimited):

=>> OTO 4 

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