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Why Using Google Rich Snippets Can Get Traffic To Your Website For Free

If you’re looking to give your website the best possible chance to be a success, then you’ve probably looked at many SEO keyword research tools and techniques to try to make that happen. And you’ve likely also tried to improve your search engine visibility by improving your page text and tweaking the keywords in that text to ensure that Google and the other search engines all have a clear idea of your web pages. And where they should rank them in their search results. But have you considered the value in adding support for Google’s rich snippets to improve your website’s SEO rank? Now, this might not be as fast as other methods, but this is one of the most rewarding ways to get traffic to your website for free. And nothing beats Google traffic. Moving forward, Google’s rich snippets will be critical for growing any business or website.


Google Rich Snippets use structured data in your web page’s HTML source code to provide Google with information that it can use to add rich enhanced data to the search result listing for that page. If Google finds the right information in your page code, it can add extra elements to your listing.

These extra elements might include a thumbnail image on a search results page, a starred rating for your page content, or a summary of the page content. Now, mobile devices may show your rich snippets listing in a carousel with other related listings. But the whole process of whether or not Google chooses to use the rich snippets data on your page to turn your listing into a rich snippet can be a bit erratic. They may alternate between adding the enhanced data or omitting it as they test out the validity of that enhanced data. As your pages gain authority in their search database, you should see them use the rich snippets data more and more, so it’s worth adding that data to give yourself an SEO advantage.

Primary advantage

The primary advantage of rich snippets is that they make your search listing stand out on the Google search results page, giving you a better organic click-through rate. They also provide your potential site visitor with more information and context about your web page, reducing the bounce rate on the page. Over time they will also help raise your ranking in search results. Google will notice that your page gets more clicks in their results and a lower bounce rate (if you have Google Analytics installed) and assign your page more authority in their search database. So these rich snippets are a must for website SEO, mainly when used along with keyword research tools to optimize your site. It also helps in providing you with an advantage over your competition in the search listings, assuming that the content on your web page is of good quality. You should enable rich snippets for your website to give your site the maximum opportunity to succeed.

Consider this when implementing and optimizing rich snippets on your site

  • – Rich snippets are mainly useful if your site has content that can be easily ranked and adds value to the site visitor. Things like recipes, help info, and how-to articles, reviews, events, video content pages, etc. make for good contenders for adding rich snippets data. More generalized page content may not give you as good of a result.
  • – Before adding the rich snippets structured data you should first identify which page details you want Google to focus on. Take a look at your page and break the page content down to a bullet list of items that summarize the page content. Then use that bullet list to build your rich snippets data. Try to trim out the fat as much as possible, as you only have a limited amount of characters to work with when the rich snippets summary is shown in the search listings.
  • – Many keyword research tools can help you research, create, and test your rich snippets structured data, so make effective use of these tools.
  • – It’s important to remember that rich snippets are intended to provide more information and value for Google’s search users. They shouldn’t just be used as an SEO tactic, as Google will likely detect this focus and penalize you. When creating your rich snippets structured data, always consider the value you are providing to the person browsing the search results listings. You’ll be less likely to fall short of Google’s praise. And if you use this organic approach, the visitors you get as a result will be far more engaged with your content.

Rich snippets are a great way to get more value from your Google search listings. They increase your visibility in search results, improve the quality of the traffic coming to your site by ensuring that traffic is more targeted, and improve your website’s SEO. Use them responsibly, and you will find the rewards for adding them far outweigh the time and effort involved.

So why wait? It’s straightforward. Just work on improving your search engine visibility to start getting all the free targeted traffic you could ever want.

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